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There are a number of games (over five!) to enjoy in Mineville! Role play with your friends in high school, build your own private island in Skyblock, or exercise your mining abilities to escape from prison in... Prison, obviously. If you're in the mood for something else, try signing up for a job in the city to earn some extra dollars!


We are stoked to introduce teams to Prison! Teams become available once you unlock Mine C. They are helpful because each one provides a different benefit that boosts your productivity within the mines.

Sky Block

Get creative and build an island to your imagination! Start with a tree, a basic ore generator, and a small farm, and expand from there. Employ minions to help with various tasks around your island. Take advantage of the Community Square to exchange goods for $kybucks.


Farms materials to grow your pet (there are five to choose from). Evolve your pet every time you complete three farming areas. There are several powerups to take advantage of to enhance your farming productivity!

Highschool RP

You can choose to learn just about anything at Mineville High School. How to raise a pet, how to drive, how to cook, how to mine, and more! There are a total of six classes for students to choose from. 

Haunted High is a fun, spooky game based in a haunted alternative to the high school. Students need to do their best to collect the keys to escape the building while avoiding being caught by the teachers!

Dungeon Simulator

Fend off an arena of mobs to gain XP—enough to then summon the boss. Eliminate the boss mob to level up and advance to the next arena! Take advantage of various boosts to strengthen your fighting abilities.

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